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Interactive 3D Worlds in Flash and Realtime VR

We love creating interactive 3D worlds, bringing real or imagined places to life in vibrant and dynamic 3D.  These 3D environments are useful in a wide range of circumstances - as marketing presentations, wayfinding tools, alternate reality games or aids for public consultation.  Our recent projects demonstrate the range of work we do, and show the different ways that virtual worlds can be brought to life and delivered to your audiences.  To discuss the best solution for your upcoming project, please get in touch!

Interactive Touchscreen Masterplans Interactive Touchscreen Masterplans We delivered an interactive 3D masterplan for the Exeter & East Devon Growth Point, which has proven to be a valuable visual aid for stakeholders across the region.

Click here to open the Exeter Interactive Masterplan in another window.

3D Animated Interactive World 3D Animated Interactive World A beautiful interactive 3D world created for Huntsman plc, depicting their products in an animated 3D planet, delivered in Flash for use on their website and on touchscreen displays at events and exhibitions.

Click here to open the World of Wood Flash Presentation in another window.

My New Uni Virtual Reality Game My New Uni Virtual Reality Game Staffordshire University wanted to make sure new students felt confident and well informed before arriving on campus this September - so we produced this alternate reality game to do just that.

Click here to download the full 'My New Uni' game for Mac or PC.

Interactive Touchscreens Interactive Touchscreens Do you need a supplier who offers not just the best 3D realtime interactive content, but also the best available mutli-touch touch screen displays? You've come to the right place. At iCreate, we work in close partnership with the UK's leading supplier of cutting edge touchscreen technology to bring you the best new solutions.

Welcome to the wonderful world of iViewer 3D

iViewer 3D applications offer a revolutionary way to present 3D models of new developments in an interactive, immersive and intuitive way.  We'll turn your drawings, maps and plans into dynamic 3D presentations that enable your audiences to really engage with your content.

iViewer 3D Interactive

iViewer 3D Applications are delivered exclusively by us, and we specialise in providing content for a few key sectors, including regeneration, development and property marketing.  We hope you find what you're looking for below - or contact us to discuss your ideas!

Dynamic 3D masterplans of regeneration areas and new developments...

Interactive 3D Masterplans Interactive 3D Masterplans Our realtime 3D Interactive Technologies make regeneration proposals more engaging for modern audiences. iCreate is an experienced consultant to the public sector, providing Local Authorities and regeneration agencies with fit-for-purpose visual presentations for public consultation, community engagement and marketing. Let us communicate your vision - find out how...

Interactive applications delivered for touchscreens...

iViewer Touchscreen Applications iViewer Touchscreen Applications From large-format displays to the iPAD 2, iViewer 3D is a tool for presenting 3D models in a realtime interactive way, using advanced computer gaming technology to enable true user-engagement. Developed exclusively by iCreate, the iViewer is a new platform for publishing interactive 3D models of new developments across the full range of touchscreen devices.

Walkthroughs controlled by playstation-style game controllers...

iViewer 3D Property Marketing iViewer 3D Property Marketing Interactive 3D Animations are a powerful property marketing tool, giving control back to the viewer, so they can explore your developments in 3D virtual reality, using computer gaming technology! This is the next generation of property marketing presentations, offering potential buyers the chance to truly explore buildings before they're built.

A whole new way to deliver 3D architectural models, giving control to the user...

Discover iViewer 3D Discover iViewer 3D Whether you are marketing new properties before they're built, or undertaking public consultations about regeneration in your area, the iViewer offers a whole new way to engage with modern audiences. This page provides an overview of the benefits of iViewer 3D Applications, as well as links to demo projects so you can try our 3D Interactive Presentations for yourself!

iViewer Interactive Demo Projects iViewer Interactive Demo Projects Interactive 3D Animations give control back to the viewer, so they can explore your developments in 3D virtual reality, using computer gaming technology. Click here to view and download our selection of live demo projects.

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